Cloud Access Security
& Compliance Made Simple

Zilla automates and simplifies access security and access compliance for instant relief from major risk.

With Zilla, your teams get the comprehensive visibility they need to manage user access permissions and global security settings – and you achieve audit readiness in less time, for less money.

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Detailed Access Visibility

If you’re like most modern companies, your mission-critical data is spread across dozens of SaaS services, cloud platforms, and legacy and home-grown apps — and shared through countless API-based integrations. These technologies have changed how the world works, but they’ve made it very difficult to quickly track user permissions, cloud infrastructure entitlements, and other service-specific security configuration settings.

Manage Security Posture

Find, prioritize, and fix the key security issues in your team’s cloud environment.

Automate Compliance

Access reviews and controls to support SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, and more.

Struggling with User Access Reviews?

Spreadsheets and manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone. They lead to inappropriate permissions and even more costly audit findings. You need an automated approach to periodic access reviews.

Zilla is a better and faster way to work

Multiple tools that give you a fragmented view of access are not the answer. Zilla offers a simple, automated way to manage your cloud and SaaS security posture. See who has access to what, review user access, and manage high-risk permissions for every one of your applications and platforms.


Intuitive Experience

Zilla is simple to try. Simple to set up. Simple to use. Best of all, it simply makes auditors happy.

Comprehensive Visibility

Zilla provides least privilege security, improved security posture, and reduced risk.

Complete Automation

Zilla eliminates manual processes and reduces errors — for compliance with a fraction of the effort.

Low Ownership Cost

Zilla delivers immediate visibility for each new app — with no tedious customization needed.

Solutions That Save Time and Money

User Access Visibility

Get a detailed view of user permissions and identify privileged access, external identities, and orphan accounts.

User Access Reviews

Conduct reviews easily and ensure correct access to privileges — without spreadsheets or manual processes.

Audit Readiness

Cut audit prep time in half and
easily demonstrate audit readiness
with all the information you need.

Access Policies

Detect inappropriate access and take action to reduce risk by automatically eliminating blind spots.

Free On-Demand Webinar

Reviews of cloud user and API entitlements are now essential for compliance. For regulated firms,
however, reviewing these entitlements is a cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly process.
Watch this webinar and learn critical strategies to keep your cloud services secure and compliant.

Hundreds of Integrations

Save time and resources with hundreds of pre-built integrations. Or, build you own integrations with Zilla Universal SyncTM (ZUS), our no-code platform.

What Can Zilla Do for Your Business?

Learn how to automatically find, prioritize and fix the security issues in your environment — without outdated tools or manual processes.

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