Securing Identities to Lock Down Software Supply Chains


What are the different “identity” types within your software supply chain? What levels of access do those identities have? How do attackers exploit them to take control of your sensitive assets and environments? In this conversation, Nitin Sonawane of Zilla and Paul Roberts, EIC at The Security Ledger, discuss the connection between digital transformation, identity, cloud, and software supply chain risk. They also outline simple, practical steps you can take today to reduce your supply chain risks significantly and quickly.

In this on-demand talk, you will:

  • Understand how digital transformation and cloud adoption may impact your organization’s risk profile
  • Explore different types of cloud identities, including human user identities, API-based integrations, and machine identities
  • Learn how identities and their varying levels of access hold together the supply chain between applications, infrastructure, services, and resources
  • Find out what happens as companies move more critical workloads to the cloud and as cloud providers promote API-based and “no code” integrations

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Security teams use Zilla to identify, remediate, and prevent identity and access vulnerabilities.

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