Access drift management

Detect, remediate, and prevent unintended access


Eliminate configuration errors

Zilla Security provides early intervention and prevents access drift through easy policy automation. New software adoption, organizational changes, or unintended human errors can cause access to change from its intended level over time. Create policies in Zilla to evaluate permissions, group memberships, data access, and security configurations to confidently catch and reverse any potential deviation from the original secure state.


Detect early signs of a cyberattack 

How do you know if a new access grant is legitimate or a lateral movement attempt by a bad actor? As you review each finding, leave no stone unturned. Initiate an additional review, check for evidence of approval, or suppress the finding as necessary. Zilla Secure evaluates every change against your company’s security policy and shows risky settings as findings.

Zilla Secure keeps tabs on users with privileged rights in all your apps, clouds, and directories.

Identify “accidental” admins. Often, privileged access is granted to business users to improve their productivity without a thorough consideration of the security implications. You can easily identify “accidental” admins and automatically revoke excessive permissions.


Minimize privileged access for applications and APIs

Unintended access to sensitive data, including privileged access, can be accidentally granted to system and service accounts used for integrations between applications. Overprivileged “machine identities”, like SaaS applications with AWS root access, often escape the security review process. Zilla’s policy automation puts them back on the radar of security teams. Zilla Secure prevents access drift for all – humans, applications, and APIs.

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Learn how to detect, remediate, and prevent access drift with policy automation