Identity Threat Detection

Block identity and access threats and automate remediation

Detect identity threats related to permissions and respond automatically. Every unapproved change, a new account, group membership or permission to a data resource, is a threat!

Custom access policy creation is shown in two screenshots of the Zilla platform.

Choose out-of-the-box policies or create custom policies

Zilla Security’s sophisticated policy engine operates at scale to understand all the identity data across your enterprise and identify threats. Choose out-of-the-box policies that cover a broad range of threats, or create custom policies for your environment.

Zilla’s policy engine enables you to:

  • Spot new accounts, new permissions, and changes to access settings across your attack surface.
  • Catch changes made by attackers to accounts, group memberships, permissions and other settings before the changes can be exploited.
  • Kick off remediation or response workflows as needed, or send email, Slack or Teams notifications.
  • Integrate seamlessly with SOC, SOAR, and XDR systems for threat response workflows.
Screenshots from the Zilla platform shows access policy editing and audit findings.

What can Zilla do for your business?

Learn how you can quickly remediate identity exposures and eliminate threats with a security-first, automation-centric identity security platform.