User access reviews

Automate reviews for continuous audit-ready compliance
Quarterly Review
Your easiest path to compliance
Permanently eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes. Zilla gives you a consistent, intuitive, and automated user access review practice that works simply, and simply works!

Run automated review campaigns

Eliminate the hassle of access reviews mandated by regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and SOC 2. Customize access reviews to meet your criteria – by department, privileged users, external users, new users, data resource owners, permission owners, and more.

Automation generates the permissions relevant to a campaign, invites reviewers to complete their work, and enables administrators to track reviewer progress. Reviewers can maintain, revoke, change, re-assign, or delegate permissions, while campaign administrators have complete control over the review process. Zilla simplifies your review processes by replacing manual spreadsheets with a streamlined, automated, and auditable system of record.

Supervisory reviews

Enable supervisors to review the permissions of their team members and any other users they are responsible for. Select the apps and users you want to review and create templates for future campaigns.

App owner reviews

Empower application owners with the task of reviewing all access to their own applications.

Data resource or permission owner reviews

Customize access reviews to ensure that data resource owners and permission owners are automatically responsible for review decisions based on their ownership.


Collect all your data

Review Saas applications, cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, on-premises applications, and even homegrown solutions. Automatically correlate application and infrastructure accounts with identities in your corporate directory. Resolve role and group memberships and their mapping to permissions for a clear picture of what people and machine identities can do with their access.

Zilla offers a simple-to-use solution that easily integrates with all your deployed services to collect accounts, permissions, roles, groups and data resources.

Enforce least privilege access

Eliminate over-privileged accounts and enforce least-privilege access. Gain detailed visibility into permissions for each account across your applications to enable “Zero Trust” security.

Zilla streamlines organizational compliance and reduces security risks by eliminating unintended access to your critical systems.

All Privileged Accounts

Audit privileged access 

Establish who has privileged access and who doesn’t. Create filtered views to easily identify privileged permissions, users who have been disabled, privileged accounts that are orphaned, or privileged users who have not logged in for months.

Automate and track changes and revocations

Ensure access review actions are implemented when they should be. Zilla makes it easy to implement closed-loop remediation.

Revocations resulting from completed reviews are automated through immediate remediation via application integrations or ITSM tickets. Zilla tracks all pending revocations and provides an auditable record of how and when revocations were completed.

Make app owners and reviewers happy

Simplify your team’s work with a platform designed with users in mind.  Route requests directly to users via integrations with email systems and tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Zilla makes it easy for app owners and reviewers alike to collaborate with an intuitive user interface that saves countless hours.

Business users gain the insight they need to make critical decisions, including historical context for all permissions–new additions, changes, and violations to company policies such as Segregation of Duties violations. Every action is tracked automatically and logged with all evidence. No more manual data collection.

Simplify ITSM ticketing 

Orchestrate and audit permission changes using your existing ITSM systems. Zilla simplifies IT service request ticketing for completed access reviews through integrations with ITSM systems like ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk and Freshservice. Zilla tracks all revocations and service tickets to document an auditable record of all implemented changes.

Produce accurate and complete audit reports

Cut audit prep time by 80% with automated reporting. Zilla gives you the accuracy and completeness auditors demand with reports that include summaries, apps in scope, app owners, filters, and timestamps for every action in your review process. All evidence is automatically collected and detailed in your report.

Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Zilla simplifies reviews by identifying risks in seconds without manual intervention or juggling spreadsheets.