Audit readiness

Demonstrate accuracy and completeness

Audit readiness<br />

Cut audit prep time by 80%

Always be ready for an audit with the evidence you need to show compliance. With Zilla, all data collection activity is logged—providing a robust, time-stamped record of all data brought into the system and all review actions.


Automate reliable and auditable data collection

Easily collect and correlate security data for access reviews and compliance audits. Zilla preserves your chain of custody and all supporting evidence.

Automate collection through API calls, flat-file imports, Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS), and more for the data you need without weeks of effort.

Track all changes and review process activities

Automatically maintain an audit log for every access review campaign, including actions taken by administrators and reviewers. Zilla gives you detailed records on review configuration, access decisions, re-assignments, delegations and decision comments.

Audit and track change tickets issued to your ticketing system after a review campaign is completed.

Prove compliance with comprehensive reporting

Run reports as needed for your auditors, operations teams, business and security leaders to summarize access review campaigns and their results. Zilla makes it easy to prove the effectiveness of your review processes.

Pass audits with flying colors

Provide auditors with the evidence they demand and demonstrate your processes are sound. Zilla gives you a single platform with detailed reports.

Access reports and logs with details on:

  • Who collected data, how it was collected, and when.
  • What accounts, permissions and settings were collected.
  • What changed and when.
  • Who reviewed what and when.
  • All supporting evidence.

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