Identity Security Posture Management

Harden your identity security posture and maintain least privilege.

Close all the access gaps that put you at risk. Zilla policies continuously monitor identities and permissions across the enterprise to automate least privilege access and respond to misconfigurations with alerts and remediation.

Creating and editing access policies is shown in screenshots of the Zilla platform.

Rightsize permissions and fix misconfigured access across human and machine identities.

Align permissions with job responsibilities by identifying excessive access including hidden, effective permissions. Secure your identity posture proactively by terminating access, sending notifications, or triggering security workflows.

Zilla makes it easy to maintain least privilege access and eliminate risky misconfigurations, including those based on identity federation or group memberships.

Zilla enables you to detect and respond to access misconfigurations including:

  • Service Accounts that have no business justification
  • Orphan accounts, including accounts left over after terminations
  • Third-party permissions are unnecessary or excessive
  • Unused accounts
  • Permissions that violate segregation of duties controls
  • Missing technical or business owners
  • Missing or incorrect MFA settings
An audit of access policies is shown in a screenshot of the Zilla platform.

What can Zilla do for your business?

Learn how you can quickly remediate identity exposures and eliminate threats with a security-first, automation-centric identity security platform.