Access Visibility and Insights

Get a single, unified view of all identities and their permissions across the digital estate.

Gain an organization-wide understanding of some of the most sensitive access such as privileged access to systems and access to sensitive data.

A screen showing details of a user's account access on the Zilla platform.

Establish a system of record for all human and machine access, and monitor all changes

Get the granular visibility you need to reduce your identity blast radius. Zilla provides detailed visibility into both human and machine identities and their permissions. Discover service accounts, orphan accounts, third-party access, and SaaS API integrations.

An audit of accounts for terminated users on the Zilla platform.

Track and report on complex permissions and effective permissions acquired through a combination of application-specific policies or roles, and group memberships. Visualize the access paths that give people, machines, and APIs access.

Get invaluable access insights with Zilla’s sophisticated search capabilities. Build your own custom search queries to understand your enterprise-wide identity and access fabric across accounts, permissions, and security findings.

A report showing all privileged accounts and access leveles in a screenshot from the Zilla identity security platform

What can Zilla do for your business?

Learn how you can quickly remediate identity exposures and eliminate threats with a security-first, automation-centric identity security platform.