Full Visibility

The Most Comprehensive & Automated Solution

Zilla delivers one consolidated view for complete visibility into user permissions and security settings. We collect and integrate data from cloud platforms, SaaS applications and home-grown applications to deliver unparalleled insight into your access security posture. You gain knowledge of your users’ access and how your cloud and services are configured


Zilla Gives You Answers

Manage Security Posture to Reduce Risk

Risky access creates serious security problems.

Too few privileges prevent
your organization from working efficiently. But data loss resulting from excessive privileges and misconfigured settings can have significant financial impact.

Zilla helps you find the balance—automatically.

Automate Access Compliance

Compliance controls like user access reviews are a requirement for most businesses.

Regulatory mandates like GDPR, HIPAA, HiTrust, SOX, SOC2, and PCI (not to mention numerous financial and IT compliance needs) require you to perform periodic reviews of user access rights.

Zilla automates compliance—quickly and easily.


Zilla Guards Against Common Threats

Zilla provides one single platform with comprehensive visibility into the configuration settings for all your applications, systems, and platforms. With Zilla, build a plan of action to eliminate common security risks:

  • Safeguard highly sensitive data—such as protected health information, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property—that becomes more accessible as you expand your cloud footprint.
  • Identify over-provisioned employees who pose a risk for misuse of data or who could be potential targets for external hackers.
  • Surface orphan accounts, service accounts, or bot accounts that become prime targets for hackers.
  • Pinpoint API integrations that can result in data leaks
  • Recognize segregation of duties violations that put your business at risk for fraud.


Zilla Tracks Changes

Your business is constantly changing. Zilla does the heavy lifting and automatically tracks and reports on all changes to give you a simple roadmap for action. With Zilla, easily keep track of the following:

  • Applications that have no business or technical owner because an employee has left the company
  • External identities that have been assigned privileged access
  • Employees who have changed roles but still have previous permissions
  • Legacy service accounts that remain active with no business purpose.


Zilla Enables Least Privilege Access

Zilla makes it easy to maintain the appropriate level of access to your critical systems for all employees—without error-prone, manual spreadsheet-based processes. We improve the quality of compliance while dramatically reducing the cost of compliance. With Zilla, get the analytics you need to determine:

  • Who has access to all your applications on-premises and in the cloud
  • What new permissions or entitlements have been granted
  • Which user entitlements violate company policies or duty rules
  • The review history of user entitlements
  • The status of review and remediation efforts


Zilla Solves DevOps Access Compliance

Zilla safeguards your DevOps technology stack and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, HITrust, and GDPR. We give you the tools you need to keep pace with the velocity of DevOps teams and maintain accurate audit trails for regulatory reporting. We make it easy to control user access to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and everything else you use to develop and deploy cloud-native applications. We monitor your DevOps access controls and automate access compliance reviews. You save time and money.

Zilla Helps You Make Better Decisions

The Zilla platform gives you the intelligence you need to prioritize compliance actions.
We give you insight into your user access and permissions and pinpoint gaps and risk.
With Zilla, you make better decisions.

What Can Zilla Do for Your Business?

Learn how to automatically find, prioritize and fix the security issues in your environment — without outdated tools or manual processes.

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