Secure your access posture

See how easy identity security can be
An identity security quarterly review is shown in a screenshot of the Zilla platform.

Automate identity governance and least privilege security

Zilla makes it easy to implement a policy-based identity security and governance practice. Bring all your cloud infrastructure, SaaS and homegrown applications together in a unified identity platform.

Stop breaches before they occur with identity risk remediation, access reviews, SOD policies, and lifecycle management. Get results quickly with automation that blows away the competition.

Application Integrations

1000+ ready-to-use integrations

Zilla’s ecosystem of integrations is unmatched.

Integrate easily and securely with any application, whether it supports APIs for security data or not. Zilla’s platform offers multiple ways to integrate – REST API,  Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS™), file imports, and Zilla PO Box™.

API integration

Zilla provides no-code integration for most systems that provide security REST APIs, to quickly connect apps and platforms for automated monitoring and remediation of identity threats.

Zilla Universal Sync

Integrate apps that lack security APIs with just a few clicks. Zilla’s robotic automation makes it easy to retrieve user accounts and associated permissions.

File imports

Import CSV files via secure FTP connections from your legacy and on-prem apps. Easily customize and upload your data without costly professional services engagements.

Zilla PO Box

Deployed as a container, Zilla PO Box enables you to connect with any on-premises systems using APIs, file imports, SQL queries, and robotic automation.


Visibility for a complete picture

Visibility is at the heart of security – and with Zilla, it’s within your grasp. Go beyond surface-level views to understand who has access to what, and the permissions they have.

Zilla provides a comprehensive understanding of each user’s access across all your cloud platforms, applications, and services.

You can easily examine every account and its permissions for every Zilla-monitored application, including accounts used for API access, with unmatched granularity.

Automate access reviews

Zilla transforms the time-consuming, labor-intensive task of running manual user access reviews into a fully automated process while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of audit reports.

Reclaim the time spent on reviews with a simple and intuitive user experience for all your business teams. Get the flexibility to configure review processes the way you want them, and then track your review completion and remediation. Create comprehensive reports seamlessly and accelerate audits with detailed proof of compliance.

Quarterly Review

Take your identity security practice to the next level

Zilla reduces your attack surface by enabling remediation as soon as an identity risk is detected.
Terminated Users

Eliminate identity and access threats

Harness the power of automation to respond to identity and access threats across your organization. Preemptively address risks rooted in third-party access, orphan accounts, MFA, unused access, terminations, service accounts, and SOD conflicts.

Automate response workflows, such as disabling accounts, removing permissions, creating tickets in ITSM platforms like Jira, ServiceNow, or Freshdesk, or sending Slack or Teams messages.

Achieve closed-loop ITSM ticketing

Zilla meticulously tracks and documents every change request for user access and account security settings across your ITSM systems. It identifies any incomplete changes or access revocations vigilantly and flags them for you until full remediation is achieved.

With Zilla, nothing slips through the cracks, and you always have complete data and metrics as proof.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Access the information you need to maintain a secure and compliant posture. Zilla’s advanced search, query, and reporting makes it easy to track and document identity related access risks.

Dashboards provide quick data overviews, while standard and customizable reports give you complete visibility into who has access to what at any given time.

All Privileged Accounts

What can Zilla do for your business?

Easily connect to all your applications and infrastructure and power your identity security processes with a security-first, automation-centric identity security platform.