Rightsize permissions

Maintain least privilege access

Rightsizing workforce

Ensure the right identities have the right access.

Continuously monitor who has access to what across your attack surface and rightsize permissions immediately to  keep security risks at bay.  Zilla makes it easy to establish, maintain, and enforce policies that automate least privilege access.

Policies track all your group memberships, permissions, roles, and infrastructure access across employee, third-party, service, and API accounts. Zilla identifies over-permissioned users and groups to align permissions with the job responsibilities for every individual. We help you maintain preventative security guardrails against unintended permissions and outdated third-party and service accounts.

Zilla enables you to run user access reviews on a periodic basis, or leverage policies that right size permissions proactively and automatically take action to terminate access, notify security, or kickoff security workflows.

Uncover Outdated Priveleges<br />

Uncover inappropriate access

Gain a comprehensive view of who has access to what across all applications and systems. Quickly identify outdated access tied to temporary work tasks that results in overprivilged identities and increases the risk of compromised credentials. Zilla enables you to detect risky permissions and remove them quickly to eliminate cyberattack threats.

Prevent unintended access in “hidden” permissions

Unravel complex permissions. See and audit overlapping permissions acquired through multiple group memberships not visible at the individual user level. Enforce policy compliance for changes to group memberships or group-level privileges to prevent “invisible” bulk access grants.


Enforce segregation of duties

Conduct critical business processes, such as purchasing, payroll, and inventory management, with integrity and accuracy. Ensure that no single individual should have control over all aspects of a business process or transaction. Zilla Secure helps prevent fraud and errors by finding and fixing unintended toxic combinations of privileges.

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The principle of least privilege (POLP) security concept requires that users, processes, and systems only have the minimum access rights necessary to perform their designated function.

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Effective user access reviews

You want to get the most out of your employees, and that means giving them the access rights and system privileges they need to do their jobs effectively.

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