Secure data access

Identify, remediate, and prevent unauthorized data access


Find and fix data access risks across your cloud.


Secure permissions for structured and unstructured data

Track permissions to sensitive data across cloud infrastructure, databases, and SaaS applications. Zilla integrates with all your digital services to provide access visibility, and to determine effective access by resolving group memberships and hierarchical permissions…automatically.

Zilla enables you to collect all native metadata about your data resources, and resolve the metadata to provide comprehensive visibility into who has access to what, and automated remediation of data security policy violations. 


Zilla reduces access to sensitive data

Automate the detection of misconfigurations to regulated and business-critical data, including customer and employee PII, and intellectual property. Zilla enables you to define custom policies to detect misconfigured data resource permissions and take appropriate remediation actions – permission removal, account disablement, custom security workflows or the creation of ITSM tickets or notifications by email, Slack or Teams.



Safeguard data in SaaS

Protect sensitive data in SaaS business applications like Salesforce and Workday, and SaaS file-sharing systems, like Sharepoint and Box. Zilla monitors user accounts, service accounts, and API accounts in data clouds for access and configuration changes. We give you a comprehensive view of your permissions in all systems and the ability to automate policies that ensure sensitive data is never publicly exposed.

Secure your DevOps Stack

Monitor and secure your DevOps environment across platforms like AWS, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Datadog, and more. Zilla reduces your identity and access attack surface due to misconfigured settings and unintended privileges to development tools and data. We make it easy to rightsize permissions and ensure least privilege access without slowing your DevOps team down.

Protect your cloud data lakes

Prevent breaches in your cloud databases such as Snowflake, Amazon RDS, Google BigQuery, and Databricks.  Zilla identifies risks from local and service accounts to minimize data exposure and cyberattacks. With Zilla, you can detect inappropriate permissions at the resource level and quickly remediate or alert your security team.


Discover SaaS API integrations

Prevent cloud data leaks with a comprehensive view of your interconnected environment. Zilla continuously monitors your SaaS solutions and API integrations to establish an Inventory of connected apps.  Manage third-party risk and prevent supply chain attacks by validating third-party integrations or creating alerts to remove them.

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Map all your paths to data

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