Security settings management

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Security settings management<br />

Safeguard against suspicious and out-of-policy settings

Zilla Secure automates the detection and remediation of misconfigurations affecting access controls. Adjustments to the infrastructure and applications configuration required for patches, software upgrades, new integrations, or architecture changes can weaken your security posture. Maintain continuous visibility into the flow of changes affecting the ways humans, applications, and APIs access your systems and data.


Prevent account takeover

For all your apps or clouds that support MFA, Zilla Secure can determine if the requirement is enabled. An unnoticed change in one of your cloud or SaaS accounts, like turning off MFA for a privileged user, could instantly turn your infrastructure into a sitting duck for account takeover. Bulletproof your critical systems by proactively monitoring the MFA status across all your environments.

Zilla interprets and rightsizes AWS permissions in JSON files.

Safeguard against shadow AWS permissions

AWS permissions can be granted in a number of ways, including JSON files that define specific entitlements, such as “read” access to AWS Secrets Manager or “delete” access to a database. You can automatically trigger additional reviews, check for approval evidence, or force revocations for such shadow permissions.


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Detect and remediate misconfigurations affecting access controls