Self-service access request

Make access provisioning easy, fast, and secure

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An idealized illustration of Zilla's self-service user access provisioning.

Give the right access at the right time

Zilla™ Provision ensures that users get the job-appropriate access they need quickly and efficiently, with a process that is automated and auditable. It delivers system-verified access provisioning, allowing your organization to leverage existing ITSM investments, improve productivity, and maintain a strong security posture.

Get enterprise-ready access provisioning that works right away

You can roll out Zilla™ Provision in just a few days without long integration projects or consulting fees. From an intuitive portal, your users can quickly request access to Zilla-monitored applications, either for themselves or on behalf of another user. Zilla™ Provision leverages ITSM tools, like Jira Service Management or ServiceNow, to orchestrate the approval process seamlessly in the background. It communicates with approvers on the user’s behalf, ensuring a smooth experience for both users and approvers.


Eliminate access provisioning bottlenecks and delays

Zilla™ Provision seamlessly eliminates process bottlenecks and access delays, all while integrating effortlessly with your existing systems, services, and applications. It also provides data and metrics to demonstrate improved operational efficiency. As a result, you get improved and measurable process control – with security, transparency, speed, and accuracy – without changing the way you operate.


Reduce manual interactions with service desk tickets, slash Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), access provisioning time, and costs. Accelerate the approval process using configurable approval rules and speed up fulfillment through Zilla’s automated application integrations.

Integration with existing ITSM tools

See and follow the approvals of access provisioning requests as they flow through applications and services you’re already working with, like Jira Service Management or ServiceNow. No new interfaces, no learning curve.

All Privileged Accounts

Grant only job-appropriate access

Zilla’s policy engine automatically verifies each access request against your company’s security policies to determine if granting the request will lead to a policy violation. When Zilla™ Provision detects a potential violation, the ticket is immediately updated to inform the approver of the issue.

Configure application-specific approval workflows

Your approval process can be both flexible and consistent. When you enable self-service access provisioning for a Zilla-monitored application, Zilla™ Provision allows you to define approvers and configure automated or manual fulfillment.


See how easy your access provisioning can be