Get a Free Identity Assessment of your Snowflake Environment

Understanding the urgency and difficulty of detecting vulnerable accounts in Snowflake environments, Zilla Security is offering a free, no-strings-attached identity assessment.

This assessment will provide the ability to identify and audit:

  • Accounts where password access is enabled even with SSO/MFA in place
  • User and service accounts where MFA is disabled
  • Terminated employees with active Snowflake accounts
  • New Snowflake accounts with elevated access

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Identify vulnerable Snowflake accounts in minutes

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“For us, Zilla Security is the tool we use to not only automate user access reviews for SOX but gain visibility across all identities and their postures. They quickly actioned our ask to build policies to identify any and all Snowflake users and service accounts w/o MFA configured.

— Joel Bork, CISO at DoubleVerify

Forward-thinking teams use Zilla to eliminate identity security risks.

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A list of Zilla customers: Hippo Insurance, DelMonte, L'Oreal, Pax8, Scribd, Reltio, Taulia, DoubleVerify