Automated offboarding

Expedite termination of access to Enterprise applications and services

User access lifecycle management
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Make your exit process secure and efficient

Use Zilla’s automated policies to quickly identify and remove orphan accounts linked to accounts of departed employees and contractors.

Eliminate the manual effort and potential errors when revoking access under tight deadlines.

Departure detection and risk mitigation

Efficiently detect when an employee leaves your organization with Zilla’s advanced monitoring capabilities, seamlessly integrating with your HR system or authoritative user directory. With Zilla’s automated policies, quickly identify and remediate security risks linked to accounts of departed employees and contractors, eliminating manual effort and potential errors under tight deadlines.

Exit process automation

Leverage out-of-the-box termination policies for direct remediation or orchestration of necessary changes, empowering app owners to disable or terminate accounts as needed. Ensure swift and secure offboarding by providing comprehensive insights into each user’s access privileges.

Comprehensive offboarding audit trail

Build and maintain full visibility around your offboarding process with Zilla’s audit-ready reporting. Gain a bird’s-eye view of past terminations, identify untouched accounts, and assess your organization’s mean time to offboard. Trust in Zilla to safeguard your organization and streamline your offboarding processes with ease and precision.

Take access governance to the next level

Empower your organization with Zilla’s cutting-edge access lifecycle management solution. Effortlessly audit and revoke privileges, track access changes, and conduct efficient access reviews. Ensure that user access is always aligned with job responsibilities. Zilla Secure automates the revocation of all access for your departing workforce.

Align access with responsibilities

As employees are transferred within an organization, they often take their old access rights with them into their new roles and teams, accumulating a growing set of unnecessary privileges. Identify and revoke outdated and unused access with full visibility into granular permissions and group memberships across all your applications and cloud infrastructure.


Mitigate access risks in job transitions

The risk of movers accumulating access over time is easily addressed by establishing an access review process for all job transitions. In this process, Zilla allows the new supervisor to review the access previously held by the employee and revokes anything that is no longer necessary. This proactive approach ensures that access privileges remain in line with the employee’s current responsibilities.

Leverage custom policies for tailored remediation

Implement custom policies in Zilla to remediate movers’ access and grant additional access as required. This personalized approach allows for a seamless transition of roles while maintaining security and ensuring that employees have the appropriate access to carry out their new job responsibilities effectively.

Secure the onboarding and offboarding processes across your organization