Zilla Identity Security on AWS 

Protect your entire identity attack surface and achieve compliance at cloud scale


Policy-based security automation

The surge in human, machine, and system accounts has amplified the risk of misconfigurations due to siloed access rights and a lack of visibility into permissions and security settings. On the compliance front, reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets, and isolated data sources exacerbates the challenge, leading to lengthy audit preparations and an increased risk of human error.

Zilla’s policy-based security automation solution protects your cloud and SaaS from identity-driven threats and helps you maintain compliance.

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Identity security automation on AWS

Zilla empowers security and DevSecOps teams to quickly identify, remediate, and prevent identity and access vulnerabilities, including access drift, excessive third-party privileges, and risky entitlement combinations. The platform automatically assesses user access rights in cloud services, cloud-native, and legacy applications then flags and remediates “known bad” settings.


Out-of-the-box policies

Zilla gives you an extensive library of generic and AWS-specific out-of-the-box policies, including all CIS-recommended identity policies, to instantly reduce the attack surface and prevent recurring issues. Assess every access change against company policy by automatically verifying evidence, such as a corresponding access request approval ticket.


Comprehensive visibility

Zilla makes it easier for security teams to continuously monitor access rights for all human users, machines, and APIs in applications, services, and data everywhere. Discover and audit security configurations and user permissions in one place, correcting issues quickly before malicious actors can exploit them.


Security measures evidence

Zilla’s fully automated and user-friendly access reviews enable security teams to continuously monitor access and provide strong evidence of their organization’s security measures. By conducting regular and thorough assessments, security teams can prevent the above-mentioned issues and ensure the ongoing security and compliance of their organization.

What our customers say:


“As a health tech company, Biofourmis requires strong controls for data access and permissions. This can be very challenging in environments, like ours, that make full use of the cloud – AWS, Office365, SaaS. Our environment is constantly changing with users onboarding, roles changing, users joining new projects, and leaving the organization. We use Zilla Security to give us a common control center that gives us full visibility across all of our technologies. It integrates with all of our apps and services easily. Now we have a complete picture of every user, what they have access to, and the detailed permissions they hold. This has been extremely valuable as we continually certify access across our numerous AWS environments. What was formerly a very complicated process is now intuitive and highly automated.”

      Chetan Adiverekar,  VP of engineering, Biofourmis

Compliance automation on AWS

Zilla Comply gives you fully automated, easy-to-use access reviews to help you achieve compliance. We provide robust evidence of your organization’s security measures, and demonstrate audit readiness. With regular, comprehensive reviews, you ensure that your organization stays secure and compliant.

Automated remediation

No manual paperwork

Find and resolve issues like account correlation, orphan accounts, service accounts, external identities, segregation of duties (SoD), and inactive users automatically without repetitive manual work.


Effortless scalability

As organizations grow and transition more business-critical workloads to AWS, Zilla’s solutions scale up to tens of thousands of users, accounts, services, and applications, enabling efficiency, effectiveness, and smooth growth without additional complexity.

What our customers say:

“OnCorps engaged with Zilla Security to automate and enhance our access reviews and to strengthen our off-boarding processes. Before Zilla, system owners were required to access the control plane of each software in their purview in order to verify current access – a time consuming and ineffective process. With Zilla, system owners can easily see an integrated view of active employees and their access rights across SAAS apps, AWS resources and on premise applications. Zilla’s integrations eliminate the need for manual reviews and presents system owners with a current view of users and provides a simpler, more accurate view to our auditors.”

     Ken Lesser, CISO, OnCorps


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