Reduce Risk with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)


Reduce Risk with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Eliminate the complex web of misconfigured roles, policies, and entitlements.

Understand your attack surface

Cloud resources are constantly changing. Organizations need a way to determine what cloud services and resources are in use and the chain of roles and policies that provide  identities with access to resources.

Zilla CIEM provides enterprise security teams one unified view to quickly visualize all of the resources, users, services, and associated entitlements within their cloud environment – applications, databases, storage, and API integrations. We automate the monitoring of access configuration across the thousands of users, tens of thousands of resources, and millions of individual permissions to give you clarity.

Identify excessive cloud entitlements

Identify excessive cloud entitlements

Your infrastructure lives in the cloud. Zilla CIEM gives you the tools you need to understand your dynamic and diverse environment and solve the cloud permissions gap.

Zilla makes it easy for DevOps and security teams to monitor and manage all identities, roles, groups, permissions, and policies deployed within your cloud environment – AWS, Azure, and GCP. Analyze changes over time and detect “permission creep” before it becomes an issue. Zilla helps you identify, manage, and remediate your interconnected web of cloud entitlements to eliminate misconfigurations and excessive entitlements.

Surface cloud identity security risk

Surface cloud identity security risk

Pinpoint where your organization is at risk and take action with the click of a button.  

Zilla helps IT and security teams reduce their attack surface with security policies that can be fine-tuned to meet the most granular use case. We give organizations the ability to catch issues as they arise and automatically remediate them using appropriate organizational workflows.

Zilla automates tracking and remediation for:

  • Privileged identities – See all cloud identities with privileged access and monitor critical risks such as MFA status on root accounts and users, and access key rotation.
  • Inactive identities – Correlate AWS, Azure, and GCP user accounts to individuals no longer with the company.
  • Cross account access – Track third party and external identity access and leverage policies to enable trusted access across federated identities via roles.
  • Over-provisioned identities – Manage least privilege access based on user entitlements to all cloud infrastructure.
Surface cloud identity security risk

Enforce least privilege access

Remove unnecessary privileges with full visibility into entitlements and permissions across all cloud resources and providers.

Zilla gives you the tools you need to eliminate the manual burden of monitoring and analyzing your cloud identities. We enable  security teams to keep pace, at scale, with the constant changes in their environment and quickly identify inactive identities, excessive entitlements, and cross account access. Zilla automates your processes to ensure least privilege access and improve your cloud security posture.

Support DevOps agility

DevOps teams are always under pressure to move fast. At the same time they must ensure their cloud infrastructure is safe.

Zilla enables DevOps and security teams to collaborate on identity security. We provide a unified view of “who has access to what” for both people and machine identities. Zilla lets you automatically identify access risks and remediate issues with policy-driven workflows that improve security posture and align with DevOps processes.

Solve the cloud permissions gap.

 Reduce your attack surface with Zilla CIEM tools designed for your dynamic and diverse environment.