Zilla delivers access policies

Access Policies

Automate Risk Assessment

Use policies to detect inappropriate access and misconfigured settings, and take action to reduce risk. Zilla automatically eliminates access risk blind spots, catching user permissions that violate Segregation of Duties (SOD) and other custom policies. Zilla policies also monitor changes in user status and application security settings.

Apply policies to permissions and settings

Track permissions with behind-the-scenes automation to continuously ensure your business is not at risk. Zilla’s built-in policies and custom policies monitor access to all your applications to safeguard data like personally identifiable information and protected health information. 

Stay current on who has privileged access, what permissions external identities have, what orphan accounts have been left unattended, and much more. 

Automated policies keep you informed of new permission assignments for employees and newly onboarded API integrations.

Enforce Segregation of Duties

Prevent fraud and protect your intellectual property. Zilla puts you in the driver’s seat by automating your SoD risk assessments and changes.

A powerful policy engine helps you define rules and create unique policies that monitor and detect SoD violations. 

Prevent access violations by automatically identifying toxic permission combinations.

Track Terminations and Transfers

Complement your identity lifecycle management with access risk management. Zilla makes it easy to keep pace with changes as employees move and work within your organization.

Integrate with your directory and HR systems to automatically track employee transfers and terminations in real-time. 

Identify unnecessary accounts and permission assignments that are left behind and no longer needed.  

Immediately remove or disable terminated accounts across your environment.

Easily manage user status changes with triggers that launch access reviews to quickly “right-size” permissions.

Manage risk once and for all.

Eliminate access risk blind spots and detect inappropriate access.