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Winning a Gold Globee Reaffirms Approach to Identity Security

by | Mar 14, 2024

At Zilla, we are laser focused on reinventing identity security at a time when identity has become the new security perimeter for an enterprise. So, it is with great pride that we announce that Zilla Security was named the Gold Globee winner in the Identity and Access Governance category of the 2024 Globee Cybersecurity Awards.

This recognition is a testament to innovation and excellence and serves as another milestone in our journey as the fastest-growing identity security company in the industry. The award is extra meaningful because we’ve earned it due to the hard work of our team and the trust that our forward-thinking customers have put in us.

Identity security and governance is top of mind for most CISOs. In a recent multi-city CISO event that Zilla participated in, 70+ % of the CISOs indicated that Identity was their highest priority for the next 12 months. This is no surprise since the majority of data breaches stem from access vulnerabilities. As the world shifts to rapid cloud adoption, these breaches will only continue to rise if organizations don’t automate and proactively manage permissions for every user across every application in the enterprise.

Zilla is leading the next generation of identity security, governance and administration by enabling organizations to automate the management of permissions holistically across SaaS, PaaS, on-premises and homegrown applications. This is no easy task and we’ve spent the past several years building out the industry’s most comprehensive integration platform that enables customers to connect to all of their systems. The Zilla Identity Security platform provides a single comprehensive view, eliminating the need for individual system audits—a task that customers tell us has become too time-consuming and open to human error. Pulling this information together in one source enables organizations to simplify and automate compliance, streamline and accelerate  provisioning, and proactively identify and correct identity security issues to help prevent breaches.

We are proud that we have created a platform with a simple and intuitive user experience that enables cross departmental collaboration among IT, security teams, application owners, business leaders, and auditors. Our customers are able to establish a comprehensive system for access governance that aligns with the evolving needs of the business. And this is paramount to our mission— working together with our customers to solve their challenges in identity security and governance.


  • Nitin Sonawane

    Nitin is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Zilla Security. He was previously part of the product team at MobileIron. Nitin joined MobileIron via the acquisition of ForgePond, a mobile application security startup that he co-founded and lead. Prior to ForgePond, he was the co-founder and head of engineering for Tap ‘n Tap, a pioneer of Android-based Tablet devices.

    Nitin holds degrees in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and the University of Massachusetts.

    Connect with Nitin via LinkedIn.

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