Extending Identity Governance to the Entire Organization – In the Cloud and On-Prem, with Zilla PO Box

by | Apr 3, 2024

At Zilla Security, we are on a mission to build a comprehensive Identity Governance solution. Comprehensive implies the ability to automate permissions management holistically across all systems that our customers use. This includes SaaS applications, Cloud infrastructure platforms, Cloud databases, and everything on-premises, including databases, internal homegrown applications, and legacy systems.

Our mission has driven us to develop the industry’s broadest set of integration capabilities. Our portfolio includes hundreds of integrations built as API integrations, CSV-based integrations, and our patent-pending Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS™). We now add to this portfolio Zilla PO Box, a solution that extends into customer environments to support on-premises databases, directories, legacy applications, and more.
Zilla PO Box addresses the inherent hybrid nature of modern IT infrastructure for enterprise customers. It enables automation for on-premises systems where the identity and access data resides while minimizing the engineering effort required. These automated integrations can be easily built and replace actions that previously required custom scripts by technical owners, manual CSV file extraction, etc. Zilla PO Box delivers:
  • Fast time to value: Zilla PO Box has out-of-the-box support for common systems such as Active Directory and popular databases like MySQL and Postgres. This allows customers to be up and running in minutes and not weeks.
  • Comprehensive reach: Zilla PO Box has been built from ground up with extensibility in mind. The architecture enables a lightweight path to custom extensions. These extensions can either be to internal APIs, CSV flat file based imports, or SQL queries to internal databases. When all else fails, Zilla PO Box can integrate using ZUS, which leverages robotic process automation to extract identity and access data from the hardest-to-integrate systems.
  • Secure deployment: Zilla PO Box is deployed as a container and provides a simple deployment model compatible with most enterprise on-premises environments.
Containers are designed to be immutable and lend themselves to continuous and automated patch management. Network security concerns are also kept at bay by requiring only an outbound connection to the Zilla Cloud.

As we look to the future, Zilla PO Box advances our mission to be comprehensive. Zilla Security is committed to driving the industry forward with a cloud-first solution that delivers on the promise of rapid time to value. Our vision is that Identity Governance can be deployed in weeks, not years.


  • Nitin Sonawane

    Nitin is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Zilla Security. He was previously part of the product team at MobileIron. Nitin joined MobileIron via the acquisition of ForgePond, a mobile application security startup that he co-founded and lead. Prior to ForgePond, he was the co-founder and head of engineering for Tap ‘n Tap, a pioneer of Android-based Tablet devices.

    Nitin holds degrees in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and the University of Massachusetts.

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