Embracing the Future of Identity Security and Governance with Zilla Security

by | Apr 19, 2024

I’m delighted to share the news of my recent appointment to Zilla Security’s Advisory Board, marking a new, exciting chapter in my journey to help shape the future of identity security and governance. In an era where the digital landscape is expanding exponentially, Zilla stands at the forefront, pioneering the next generation of identity, security and governance solutions.

The evolution of identity and access management in today’s dynamic environment presents unprecedented challenges. As organizations transition from traditional on-premise setups to hybrid cloud environments, the complexity of managing access and the risks associated with it has magnified. Gone are the days when identity management was merely a compliance checkbox; it has now become a multifaceted landscape intersecting business, IT, and security realms.

The proliferation of cloud applications has ushered in a new era of complexity, with employees accessing a myriad of solutions across the enterprise. Without a centralized point of control, managing and securing access becomes a daunting task, consuming valuable time and resources. Moreover, technological advancements, including AI, have augmented the threat landscape, making it easier for malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities. Today, the majority of security breaches stem from access-related issues, underscoring the critical need to reduce the attack surface.

In this dynamic landscape, Zilla emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability, offering a holistic solution that addresses the dual imperatives of access management and security enhancement. Zilla’s commitment to crafting agile solutions tailored for the cloud era resonates deeply with my belief in the imperative of agility in security management. By providing a centralized platform to identify, prioritize, and remediate security and compliance issues, Zilla empowers organizations of all sizes to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

On a personal note, my decision to join the Zilla Security advisory board is inspired not only by the company’s cutting-edge solutions but also by the visionary leadership of Deepak Taneja and the entire Zilla team. Having collaborated with Deepak in the past, I have witnessed firsthand his remarkable ability to foster an environment where innovation thrives. I’m certain he and his team will propel Zilla toward new frontiers of excellence.

In an ever-evolving landscape where regulations shift, threats evolve, and the demand for agile security solutions intensifies, Zilla is a trusted partner in navigating these complexities. As we embark on this transformative journey together, I am confident that Zilla will continue to lead the way in redefining identity & access, security, and governance.


  • Fred Bement

    Fred Bement is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning over four decades, marked by significant contributions to enterprise sales and technology leadership.

    Originally hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Fred embarked on his journey in the technology sector after completing his education in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University, where he graduated with honors.

    Fred's early career showcased his passion for communication and media as he served as a radio personality on WBOS and assumed the role of music director on a television program produced on WSBK. This experience provided him with valuable insights into media management and audience engagement.

    Transitioning into the realm of enterprise sales, Fred embarked on a remarkable journey, holding pivotal roles in renowned technology firms. He demonstrated his strategic acumen and sales prowess as Regional Director at Securonix, where he spearheaded sales, business, and partner development initiatives across New England, upstate New York, and eastern Canada. Fred's tenure at Securonix saw him championing cutting-edge security analytics solutions, earning accolades for his role in detecting and mitigating insider threats, cyber threats, and fraud incidents.

    Fred's career trajectory continued to ascend as he assumed leadership positions at esteemed organizations such as Fidelis Cybersecurity, Pathlock, RSA Security, and VeriSign, Inc., where he played instrumental roles in driving sales growth and forging strategic partnerships. Notably, Fred's contributions at Aveksa, as Director of Sales, were pivotal in securing major deals with prestigious clients such as Pfizer, State Street Bank, and CIGNA, underscoring his exceptional sales achievements and revenue-generating prowess.

    In his current capacity as an Advisory Board Member at Zilla Security, Fred continues to leverage his wealth of experience and industry insights to drive strategic initiatives and foster innovation in the cybersecurity landscape. Throughout his illustrious career, Fred Bement has remained committed to excellence, consistently delivering results, and shaping the technological landscape through his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to driving business success.

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