From chaos to clarity: How Zilla’s integration capabilities drive coverage, efficiencies and time-to-value

by | May 1, 2024

Do you struggle with how you integrate and obtain a holistic picture of identity and permission access for all of your applications? How can you get all this information quickly, accurately and efficiently to enable your identity, security, provisioning and compliance programs?

Are you tired of …

  • manual, time consuming, inconsistent and costly processes to get identity and permission data? Which is often out of date and inaccurate by the time you receive it…
  • missing applications and data in your identity program due to unique or non-existent processes across a wide range of applications? Thus creating an incomplete picture of access, leading to gaps in your programs…
  • not meeting your audit requirements in a timely manner or with inaccurate information? Which could cause audit findings and deficiencies…
  • using older, legacy IAM technologies where integrations are a very costly, lengthy process, or can’t even connect to your applications.

How do you overcome these challenges? The struggle is very real and you are not alone. Zilla is here to the rescue, to help you reduce and eliminate these lengthy, inconsistent manual processes by on-boarding all your applications into your identity and security program in an automated way!

With approximately 1000 ready-to-use integrations, Zilla is the only platform that lets you integrate any application with the click of a mouse and without writing a single line of code. Zilla’s ecosystem of integrations available is unparalleled, providing the quickest time-to-value in the market – no other vendor comes close!

Flexibility, adaptability, automation, comprehensiveness and more! Zilla does it better!

Unlock the power of Zilla to achieve continuous permissions visibility and management across all your cloud platforms and applications (both cloud and on-prem) quickly and accurately! Our ability to automate identity and permissions management comprehensively across all systems is paramount to the success and completeness of your identity and security programs. This includes a wide-range of SaaS applications, Cloud infrastructure platforms, Cloud databases, and everything on-premises, including databases, internal homegrown applications, and legacy systems – providing holistically visibility to who has access to what in your enterprise, including all those service accounts!

Our mission has driven us to develop the industry’s broadest set of integration capabilities that quickly connects and onboards your applications. Our portfolio includes hundreds of integrations built as API integrations, CSV-based integrations, our patent-pending Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS™), and now our recently added Zilla PO Box.

API integration

Zilla provides no-code integration for most systems that provide security REST APIs, to quickly connect your SaaS apps and platforms for automated monitoring and remediation of identity threats.

Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS™)

Integrate apps that lack security, user, and permission APIs with just a few clicks. Zilla’s Universal Sync (ZUS™) makes it easy to retrieve user accounts and associated permissions using a robotic automated process.

File imports

Import application extracts using secure FTP connections for your custom, legacy and on-prem apps. Easily customize and upload your data without costly professional services engagements and leverage your existing CSV file format (no need to adhere to a single format).

Zilla PO Box

Zilla PO Box, a lightweight container based deployment, enables you to connect with any on-premises systems using APIs, file imports, SQL queries, and robotic automation.

IT Service Management Platform Integration In parallel with connecting all your applications’ identity and permission data, Zilla integrates with leading IT Service Management platforms (like ServiceNow and Jira Service Management). Work with the ticketing system that you already have as the system of record and standard request interface; where Zilla complements your existing processes by providing requestable access, access policy violation detection, approval and fulfillment assignment workflows, and automated provisioning.

“We haven’t met an application we can’t connect with.”

This is so very true and core to our philosophy. As many customers have achieved, connect your applications to Zilla in a matter of minutes with Zilla’s robotic automation that is purpose-built for identity and permissions integration. We look forward to connecting your applications and advancing your identity, security and compliance program in a matter of weeks, not years.

Browse our integrations!

Elevate your identity, security and compliance posture with the most comprehensive integration capabilities in the market!


  • Aaron Beaudoin

    Aaron Beaudoin currently heads up product management at Zilla Security. Before joining Zilla, he was head of product management efforts for the Identity Governance and Lifecycle solution at Aveksa, which was acquired by RSA.

    Previously, he held a number of product management, field engineering, and solutions architect leadership positions at Unisys and ePresence (formally Banyan Systems). Aaron holds B.S. in Computer Science from Bentley University.

    Connect with Aaron via LinkedIn.

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