Supporting Identity Governance for On-Premises Applications in a Modern World

by | Jun 5, 2024

Most enterprise IT environments are more complex and dynamic than the idealized environments that security SaaS vendors imagine when they develop solutions. Enterprises face the challenge of balancing innovation with practicality. For many firms, the result is a hybrid environment—a strategic blend of modern and legacy systems–and often with unique configurations and permutations. Despite the proliferation of new technologies, legacy applications continue to play a crucial role in generating revenue and maintaining business operations.

Organizations need security and compliance solutions that reflect the reality of these constraints and limitations. At Zilla Security, we designed Zilla PO Box to be the outpost to bridge your on-premises application capabilities for security with the same level of insight and automation as a SaaS application.

The Enduring Value of Legacy Applications

Despite the push towards digital transformation, legacy applications remain integral to many businesses for their highly specialized and customized use cases, proven reliability, and cost efficiencies. Also, the simple fact is that a lot of these applications bring in revenue and organizations are cautious to kill the golden goose. The world has foretold the death of legacy systems for decades and yet they persist.

Modern Identity Governance Can’t Leave Legacy Apps Behind

The modern IGA space is focused on popular SaaS applications and cloud providers built to serve young organizations without data centers. This is a small percentage of the world and while it would be nice to look after a greenfield environment with only cloud-native applications, most companies don’t have this luxury.

Their solution to this gap is to defer to your Identity Provider (Okta, Entra, OneLogin, etc) and let that inform their view of identities and entitlements in the on-premises world.

IdPs view the world through group memberships and infer the entitlements that an identity has by their inclusion in that group. This approach is flawed and creates risk. What if the application owner or DB made changes to the entitlements granted to the group?

The IDPs have no visibility to those changes that happen at the application level. The only way to guarantee the accuracy of the entitlements is to query the applications directly.

This means that a complete solution for Identity Governance must communicate directly with every application regardless of whether it is on-premises, SaaS, Cloud Provider, or 3rd Party application.

Zilla Security Delivers in all Environments

Zilla PO Box provides the capability to deliver a stateless modern container on-premises to communicate with legacy applications and infrastructure.  This architecture avoids the maintenance, resource overhead, and deployment complexity of having individual agents for each target with a simplified approach.

With the Zilla PO Box Box container deployed in an environment, customers can leverage the power of Zilla Security integrations to connect to any internal application and gather all the necessary identities, entitlements, groups, roles, and other relevant metadata.  This includes applications without an API as Zilla PO Box can utilize the patent-pending Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS) to replace the manual collection of data with robotic automation.

The Zilla PO Box container communicates with the Zilla SaaS service to ensure that Zilla presents a holistic view of all identities and entitlements regardless of where they are deployed.

Identity is the new perimeter

Ensuring that your security and compliance solutions connect with all the applications that represent your business is crucial. With Zilla PO Box, Zilla Security is positioned to be the strategic partner you need if you have a hybrid IT environment.


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