Integrated provisioning solution provides efficient, error-free way to request andmanage access


BOSTON, October 31, 2023Zilla Security, the identity security platform, today announced Zilla™ Provision, a new access provisioning solution based on ServiceNow and Jira Service Management. “Organizations have fallen into a loose access provisioning culture over the last decade,” said Deepak Taneja, CEO and co-founder of Zilla Security. “We can no longer keep pace with the rate at which organizations adopt new digital services. Existing manual access request processes are hampering operational efficiency, creating delays, and increasing the risk of errors in provisioning permissions to services. Organizations need an automated, secure access provisioning solution to address these new challenges.” Zilla™ Provision is the only solution that delivers system-verified provisioning through IT service management (ITSM) systems by leveraging them for workflow, ticketing and audit trails. The latest release to Zilla’s platform includes:

  • Self-service Access Requests for faster, more convenient, and error-free access to enterprise applications and services
  • Automated Offboarding to expedite termination of access to enterprise applications and services through both out-of-the-box and customizable termination policies

The new solution improves security posture through policies, such as Segregation of Duties (SOD), and ensures users get job-appropriate access. By integrating with existing ITSM systems, enterprises can move faster to support DevOps initiatives and gain better process controls with improved efficiency and reduced ticketing. The latest announcement from Zilla Security follows the recent release of Zilla Secure™ and Segregation of Duties (SOD), with record revenue growth and new customer acquisition in Q3.