At Zilla Security, Great Customer Experiences are More than a Marketing Slogan

by | May 15, 2024

For the third quarter in a row, G2, a leading software review and recommendation platform, recognized Zilla Security for consistently receiving an industry-high customer satisfaction rating. While we have received this recognition for multiple quarters now, the high marks from our customers are what’s most important (and satisfying) to our team.

This company-wide dedication to our customers is one of the top reasons I joined Zilla Security last year. Many organizations in the identity and security industry claim to have a high level of customer dedication, but that’s easy to say—it’s not as easy to deliver upon. Especially not for every customer, every day. The entire tech industry is rapidly evolving and customers are expecting to see quick time to value. They are expecting SaaS solutions that provide high-quality results and evolve as their business needs do.

As a marketing leader, one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced during my career is helping technology buyers really understand the full experience they’ll have once they become a customer before they become a customer.  In many tech organizations, I’ve witnessed marketing over-promising benefit claims the product or success teams will never deliver. But at Zilla, I’m faced with the opposite dilemma—our humble team often downplays internal wins, opting instead to only acknowledge success in so far as we can foster our customers’ success.

I’m thrilled to watch positive transformations happen in the interactions between our team and our customers, old and new. From onboarding to day-to-day communications to executive discussions, our team goes the extra mile to understand every customer’s unique challenges and deliver the best experience (often exceeding expectations).

Here are just a few things I’ve heard from our customers over the past few months since joining, and we couldn’t be happier to see that our values and our customers’ success are so tightly aligned.

“I want quick time to value (including onboarding).”

Time is Money.

As we talk to organizations looking to implement an IGA solution, they are frustrated at how much time, resources, and vendor support it takes to achieve the full value identified at the front of the sale. Zilla’s level of automation and Zilla Universal Sync (ZUS) means customers will be up and running in a matter of weeks and can show results across the organization. This fast deployment isn’t an accident, it’s been precisely engineered to work with applications in real-life situations.

“I need a comprehensive view now, not in months or years from now.”

You Can’t Afford to Be Blindsided.

This high level of integration is possible because of the over 1,000 application integrations for SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications. This enables Zilla to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of identity security and governance solutions available to organizations.

“I want a design partner that works with me.”

Your Requirements are Needs, Not Wants.

At Zilla, we devote a large portion of time listening to customer feedback, and taking it into account during product development. We strive for continuous improvement, and our in-house team of product, engineering, and security experts innovate quickly to ensure we are always one step ahead of the latest threat.

“I chose Zilla because they see their success tied to the success of my project.”

We’re in it Together.

Working with a newer company versus a long-established brand can sometimes feel like a risk. We understand that business goals and oftentimes your reputation is on the line when you choose a vendor. That’s why we’ve made it our goal that when a customer reaches out, there is always someone on the other end who can solve your issues, or knows who can.

I hope that gives you a glimpse of what our customers experience starting on day one. We can’t be successful until customers are. If you are considering Zilla, but are still on the fence, we are happy to make an introduction to one of our existing customers. Or, you can read more reviews here.


  • Cheryle Cushion

    Cheryle Cushion is vice president of marketing at Zilla Security. She has a deep background in helping disruptive companies transition from early-stage startups to grow and scale through $100M+ in annual revenue. Responsible for elevating Zilla’s brand, driving demand for its solutions worldwide, and ensuring a positive customer experience, Cheryle oversees corporate and product marketing, demand generation, customer marketing, and marketing operations.

    Cheryle brings over 30 years of experience developing corporate marketing strategies and executing integrated marketing programs that deliver strong customer acquisition via direct and indirect sales channels.

    Prior to joining Zilla, Cheryle was the Vice President of Marketing at Nasuni and has held various marketing leadership roles in several successful young technology companies, including Raptor Systems, Interliant, Seahorse BioScience, and, most notably, EqualLogic, which was purchased by Dell in 2008 for $1.4B where she spent 6 years continuing to grow their global storage business to $1B+.

    Cushion earned a BS in business administration (marketing concentration) from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

    Connect with Cheryle via LinkedIn.

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