2023 was a Defining year for Zilla Security. Here’s What it Signals for the Industry.

by | Feb 20, 2024

The demand for comprehensive visibility, automation, and rapid time to value helped Zilla achieve record-breaking growth. We see that growth as a positive signal of a shift underway in the market.

As more enterprises adopt digital-first processes, Zilla Security is leading the next wave of identity governance and administration (IGA). Identity governance is no longer a  compliance checklist or an expensive, services-based journey. Instead, the market is moving towards security-first, easy-to-use automation-centric solutions.

This modern approach is fueling demand for Zilla’s comprehensive identity platform. Our 180% growth was propelled by two new product launches, and hundreds of application integrations and new features. With a pace of 50% sequential QoQ growth entering 2024, we are now the fastest-growing identity security company in the industry.


Zilla 2023 highlights include:

  • 180% growth in year-over-year revenue
  • 94% customer revenue retention
  • Global Expansion in the UK, Australia, and Europe
  • Strategic partnerships with key identity channel partners including Guidepoint Security, Alchemy, and Optiv, as well as with broader ecosystem players including SHI, Evotek, and K Logix
  • Launched Zilla Secure – a policy-based engine that gives security teams the ability to identify and remediate identity risks to improve their security posture
  • Launched Zilla Provision – an access provisioning solution that leverages IT service management (ITSM) systems for workflow, ticketing, and audit trails


Looking forward to 2024: Digital transformation, security risks, and the next generation of identity governance

Digital transformation across all business sectors has dramatically accelerated post-pandemic. The proliferation of cloud-based apps continues to deliver business process automation and productivity but has also created new security risks.

Today, cloud data breaches are rooted in identity exposures. Weak governance processes around continuously monitoring, reviewing, remediating, provisioning and de-provisioning permissions, lead to a weak identity perimeter. Given these challenges, organizations are looking for identity governance solutions that can address identity security proactively. In fact, identity security is becoming even more important than the traditional governance drivers, identity compliance, and lifecycle management.

Data breaches are expensive and erode consumer trust. According to recent research, the average cost of data breaches worldwide continues to rise, totaling $4.45 million in 2023. The healthcare sector has the highest average cost of a data breach.


Zilla for Security-First Identity Governance

Enterprises need a new security-first and automation-centric approach to identity governance. The Zilla Identity Security Platform is the first identity governance and security solution that can integrate with virtually any system, in the cloud or on-premises, and deliver rapid time-to-value with automation and a simple, outcome-driven approach. Our customers have gained visibility across the enterprise, replaced spreadsheets with automated access reviews, accelerated access provisioning and de-provisioning, and automated monitoring and remediation.

Get a demo. Learn how Zilla can automatically find, prioritize, and fix security and compliance issues in any environment.


  • Deepak Taneja

    Zilla Security Co-Founder, CEO & President Deepak Taneja is an entrepreneur and security expert with extensive experience founding and leading enterprise software companies. Deepak has been at the forefront of innovation in identity management for over 25 years.

    His vision for Zilla is to secure the enterprise by automating the management of permissions to all applications and data. Prior to Zilla Security, he founded and led Aveksa, a pioneer in identity governance, and was CTO at RSA Security after Aveksa was acquired by RSA.

    Previously, as CTO for Netegrity, he led the evolution of SiteMinder into an industry-leading web access management platform. An avid supporter of technology entrepreneurship, Deepak has served as a board member and advisor to several successful startups. Deepak holds a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.

    Connect with Deepak via LinkedIn.

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